Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moving Forward Present

My friend recently got a new job in New Hampshire and is moving mid May.  I'm so proud of her and excited BUT I'm going to miss her horribly!  So I put together a little fun package of little things to remind her of the fun times we've had!

I found this Paris Box Purse and filled it full of mementos.

There is a Panda to represent our sisterhood Sigma Delta Phi. K-Cups because we always talk life over coffee. A sushi magnet that says "Just Roll With It" and some neat chop sticks for her new place to represent our Sushi dates. I found this awesome book full of little funny shoe sayings to make her smile b/c her passion is SHOES. I also found a mini spa kit for her to enjoy some relaxation after her move.  Oh, and I didn't forget her Pup, he has a tug rope toy.

Miss our monthly dates...can't wait to visit her in NH!

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