Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kate Spade EAT Shit ;0)

Kevin bought me a simple touch nook yesterday and we were looking at covers...the least expensive one was $20 and OF COURSE my favorite one was Kate Spade at $80!!!!  So I decided to go on Pinterest and find a DIY project.

Here is the Tutorial I followed to make the cover.  I added the pocket, elastic holders, and light holder :0)  Kevin and I had fun with this AND all for under $10!

Nook Cover # 3 Front
Nook Cover # 3 Inside with pocket
Nook Cover # 3 Skull embellishment
Nook Cover # 1 Front
Nook Cover # 1 Back
Nook Cover # 1 Open...You can see the pocket on the left.
Nook Cover # 1 I used elastic on the four corners so it would keep the nook safe and secure all the time.
Nook Cover # 1 I sliced a small hole in the inside cover and then attached ribbon on the outside of it to make it decorative.  I only had a kindle light so that's why I did this.
Nook Cover # 1 Picture of inside
Nook Cover # 1 Picture of outside with light
Nook Cover #2
Wrote on the front with permanent marker
Nook Cover #2 Inside


  1. Great job thanks for linking back to my tutorial.

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for sharing it :0)