Monday, June 18, 2012

Cancer Inspiration

"Hope is God's parachute in life.  Hope is when God smiles."

"There is something good in every single day that we are given; sometimes we just have to look a little harder for it."

"Cancer causes us to think about life.  It causes us to listen to the inside of us more than we may be used to."

"It's a myth to think that you are valuable only when you are active and busy."

"Worry: Don't waste today's strength and energy worrying about having enough strength and energy for tomorrow,  Tomorrow will come with its own supply."

"There are certain kinds of pain that are not accompanied by blood and therefore go unnoticed.  Just because you can't 'see' the pain in us doesn't mean we aren't feeling it."

"Positivity means that you are not just a dreamer - you are a doer.  You don't just see yourself as a hopeful, passive, well-mannered, optimistic patient - you see yourself as a hopeful proactive, well-educated, empowered cancer fighter."

"We don't get to choose which obstacles we face in life, but from the moment we were given freewill it has always been our choice in how we deal with them. That's what positivity is all about."

"At the moment of our birth, God gave us a song to sing.  It is we who must remember that it is not how long the song, but that we sing at all."

"We will all die someday, that is a given, but let us each die but once instead of dying every day by letting cancer, or anything else, steal the goodness and joy from our days."

"The only thing that cancer ever claims is a tired, worn body and even that is a hollow victory, for it can never claim our soul."

"Even a grounded bird can sing, and sometimes its song is the most beautiful song of all."

"I try not to worry about life too much because I read the last page of the book and it all turns out all right."
~Billy Graham

"Remember we had aches and pains before cancer, just as we do now.  Every one of your aches and pains is not cancer."

"Every day after diagnosis that we continue to live and breathe and love - we are survivors."

"Today you got up; therefore you are a survivor. If you are in bed, then today you woke up and you are a survivor."

"Success is sometimes just getting out of bed.  Success is sometimes staying in bed.  Success is surviving, you are surviving; you are a success."

"There are more, far more, good people in the world than bad. The bad just seem to be louder. Listen for the whispers."

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