Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fix-It Box

I made this for my accountant as a thank you for doing my taxes :0)  I thought it was a great idea especially for Tax Season!

I attached the label with Band-aids for the Fix It Box.

All baggies from the top view.

View of all the baggies and labels.

Freshen Up Baggie: Tide-To-Go Eraser, Lint Roller, Face Wipes, Mints, and Chap Stick

Forgot Coffee Baggie: K-Cups

Tide You Over Baggie: Cliff Bar, LaraBar, Pistachio Nuts, Nutella To-Go, and Gatorade Energy Chews

Bad Day Baggie: Tissues, Tums, Ibuprofen,  and Dove Chocolates b/c they also have inspirational quotes on the wrapper

After Lunch Baggie: Toothbrush, Floss, and Toothpaste

Missed Lunch: Microwave Mac n Cheese

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