Friday, November 21, 2014

Kim's Roast

My friend Kim gave me this recipe and we are in love with it!  The sauce this makes is soooo good over egg noodles.

3 - 5 lb roast
1 can of tomoato soup, concentrate
1 packet of onion soup mix, dry
a little water

***note if you do not use slow cooker bags like I do - make sure to spray your crock with non stick spray before hand***

In a 4 quart crock pot, put your roast in.  Mix the tomato soup concentrate and dry onion soup mix together.  Place on top of roast. Pour one can of water over top.  Cook on High for 6 hours. Keep an eye on the roast - make sure that there water in there and isn't burning.

Serve hot pieces of roast over top of egg noodles.  Put some of the sauce from the crock pot over top too!  This sauce is soooooo amazing!  I also served mine with rolls and my hubby ended up using the rolls to clean his sauce all up!

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