Tuesday, December 23, 2014

10 Healthy/Beauty Pregnancy Must Haves

1. Tums - I couldn't survive my third trimester without these!

2. Simple Foam Face Wash - Pregnancy Acne Relief that has approved ingredients.

3. Palmers Spray Lotion - Easier to apply and much faster.

4. Tucks - Hemorrhoids.

5. Cottenelle Wet Wipes - Same as above.

6. Simple Face Wipes - I use these periodically during the day to prevent acne.

7. Lansinoh Lanolin Cream - best ever for breast dryness.

8. Bees Mint Body Wash - smell helps with morning sickness

9. Eos Mint Chapstick - same as above.

10. Decaf Lipton Black Tea - helps with morning sickness.

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