Friday, December 12, 2014

Top 10 Pregnancy Must Haves for Me

1. 2 Body Pillows - you need two.  One for your front and one for your back.

2. Modal Pants from Gap - so comfy and fit at all stages.

3. Tanks from Old Navy - perfect for lounging and sleeping, fits at all stages.

4. Basics Bravado Nursing Sleeper Bras - a must have in order to sleep comfortably.

5. Pedicures - No explanation needed.

6. Palmers Coco Butter Stretch Mark lotion - my belly gets really tight and this lotion helps with the tight feeling.

7. Anytime Tee Shirt Nursing Bralet by Bella Materna - yes you need these before you need to breast feed, the comfort factor is amazing.

8. Gaiam Prenatal Yoga - so great for sore muscles and flexability.

9. Exercise Ball - sit on this when you have lower back and hip pain.

10. Motherhood Maternity Hipster Underwear - I love these!  They don't ride up and are comfy.

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